MIGHTY DELICIOUS Healthy and tasty food the easy way


MIGHTY DELICIOUS Healthy and tasty food the easy way.
Less fat and sugar, more spices and herbs!

Do you love wonderful and tasty food? My cookbook is about healthy and delicious food. If you want to learn new lunch and dinner dishes, rich with flavor and healthy ingredients, you will love this book.

The recipes are easy to make, which is something many people appreciate. Easy to do does not mean the food is boring!

If you want to learn about spices and herbs, including health benefits, this is your book. If you need inspiration and great tips for a healthier life, this book will give you great pleasure. The recipes help you get the vitamins, nutrition, and energy you need to make it through the day without being hungry. And you will feel good!

Forget about fat and sugar. Choose spices and herbs! Home cooked food is the best food. Welcome to the tasty world of mighty delicious food!

Order one for yourself or order one as a fantastic gift to your friend!

A wonderful new cookbook is published.  Healthy and delicious food, which is easy to make. Forget about fat and sugar, choose herbs and spices!

For a few days some of the below pages might say the book is out of stock, but it is not. It just takes some time for the book sites to fetch all information from the printing house. You can make your order now 🙂

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  1. what a great idea your blog is so useful and will help so many people! thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Johanna says:

      Thank you greatly!


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